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I am not an easy-to-love person. My past, experiences have made me skeptical that I am worthy of being loved by the ones around me, so like a really good Will Hunting, I kept a bunch of people out because I wanted to avoid the pain of losing them.

And then, HE came along. Nothing special at first, just another man in front of me… and yet; he had the patience to hear my story. So… he does not scared easily. Let’s test him…

You might wonder what test a 15-year-old kid can come up with… I took him to see a ballet. Needless to say, he passed, even though he hated it. But he liked me (I’ll never know why)

And even though everything seemed okay, or maybe because everything seemed right, I got scared. And tried to leave… probably tried to beat him to it 🙂

And yet again, he did not run for the hills, he held me and said: Let’s see… I think you are worth my time, care, and love… Let’s build a future together…

And we started building… brick by brick, healing one wound at a time, with patience and love and of course some thunderstorms.

17 years have passed since the day I met a shy teenager who would take me in and keep me safe. Though there have been some rough bits, it’s comforting to know that you mean something to somebody regardless of your flaws and that somebody will take the time to heal you, even though it will be really hard work.

So, Happy Anniversary baby!

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